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Getting to and around Sentosa Island, Singapore


Visiting Singapore for the first time?

Then Sentosa Island should be on everyone’s itinerary!

Why is that you ask?

Because it has a plethora of activities for all ages and it is a fun day (or days) out for the whole family in beautiful surroundings.

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Triprovider Sentosa Island Merlion


Sounds good, so Where is it and How do we get to Sentosa Island?

It’s on the southern tip of Singapore and getting there is easy. Simply jump on a train and head for Harbourfront MRT station. Once there, 99% of visitors will take the Sentosa Express Monorail to transfer to the island.

There is also a cable car you can catch from Mount Faber or alternatively take a taxi from your hotel straight onto the island. There’s also a couple of buses that stop on the island too.

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Triprovider Sentosa Island Aquarium

Sentosa Express Monorail

From the MRT you emerge into the gigantic VivoCity shopping mall. Look for the signs heading upstairs to Level 3 where the Sentosa Express monorail will take you across to the island.

Simply tap on with your EZ-link card or a major credit card for a few dollars and you’re off! It usually runs every 5 minutes or so from 7am-12am and takes about 8 minutes.

On the Island there are 3 stops:
1st Resorts World (Universal Studios and Hotels)
2nd Imbiah (transfer to Cable Car, Madame Tassauds, Hotels)
3rd Beach (transfer to Island Bus Services, beach bars and restaurants)

Triprovider Sentosa Express Monorail


This island is pretty amazing so it should come as no surprise that there are also 2 cable cars on Sentosa!

The first one is on the Island itself and helps you get from the centre of the island to the western edge with 3 stations which are:

Merlion – Centre of the island where you can transfer from the Imbiah Monorail Station.

Imbiah Lookout – get off here for Skyline Luge, 4D Adventureland, transfer to 2nd cable car to Mount Faber.

Siloso Point Station – Megadventure, Fort Siloso, Siloso Beach, Trickeye.

The Second Cable Car takes you from Sentosa to Mount Faber. It also has 3 stations

Sentosa Station – near Imbiah Lookout station, get on here to make the most of your ride!

Harbourfront Station – for those getting on from Harbourfront which is just short walk from VivoCity shopping mall.

Mount Faber – the final stop on the mountain peak itself.

Triprovider were a bit reluctant to buy a ticket as we weren’t sure if the price justified the short trip if we were just going to turn around and come back. But in the end, it was one of the highlights of the trip.

We took a nice stroll around Mount Faber Park which has some excellent viewpoints and many trails for those looking to escape the city hustle. We then settled in at the Bistro near the cable car and enjoyed dinner and some drinks and watched the sunset and the cable cars come and go. It was totally relaxing and a great evening.

It runs from 9am to 10pm and takes about 30 minutes from end to end nonstop.

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Triprovider Sentosa Cable Car Mount Faber
Triprovider Sentosa Cable Car Views

So, what is there to do on Sentosa Island?

You can come for a day or return on subsequent days depending on the activities you want to partake in and their respective timings. You can also stay here as there are many mid to hi-end hotels here (Hard Rock, Shangri-La, W etc.) and they obviously cater mainly to families with children.

The Eastern half of the island is reclaimed land and is a lot quieter with some stunning golf courses and suited to those who want a relaxing holiday near the beach but with the option to do the theme-park stuff or head to the city if you have the energy.

Universal Studios is a major drawcard as you would expect but Sentosa has lots of activities set up across the island including water parks, downhill luge karts, an adventure park, virtual reality games and Madame Tussauds to mention a few. Wildlife, history and eco adventure enthusiasts are catered for as well. Plus being an island, you get to sit back at the beachfront bar and watch the sunset with a cold beer! Perfect.

Triprovider have been many times and have had a great time, every time!

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Triprovider Sentosa Adventure Cove Water Park
Triprovider Sentosa Luge Ride

Is there an entry fee for the Island?

No, the Island itself is free to enter but there is a fee for cars, the monorail or cable car if using those modes of transport. You can even walk there across the bridge from VivoCity if you want.

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Triprovider Sentosa Island Siloso Beach
Triprovider Sentosa Island Imbiah Tower

How do I buy tickets for the activities?

Buying a fun pass is a better option than buying individual tickets but make sure you do your homework before buying a pass so the day runs smoothly. Don’t forget to allow time for meals and consider measures for countering the heat when moving around, bring water!

We suggest the following strategy so you don’t waste your precious holiday time!

  1. Pick the activities from the list that you want to do.
  2. Work out an approximately schedule for when to do an activity and how long is needed.
  3. Check the map and see how easy is it to get from activity to activity.
  4. Adjust as needed. If your timings don’t work out, maybe consider a 2nd day at Sentosa.
  5. Work out how many tokens are needed so you buy the best value pass.
  6. Buy your passes! Passes usually come in 60/95 and 130 token versions.

Of course, you could just come and walk around the island and enjoy the beach without buying a pass too!

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Triprovider Sentosa Island Universal Studios


Click here to book your Sentosa Fun Pass and view other Activities!

What is it? – An island with fun lots of fun activities, beaches and hotels.

Where is it? – Southern tip of Singapore, easy train ride from Central.

When is it? – Every day!

Why do it? – Something for everyone so pick an activity or just relax at the beach!

How long do I need? – A full day but you can also return on multiple days, we do!

How much is it? – Depends on the activities – click our link above to view the fun pass details!

Tips for visiting Sentosa –

Tip – Plan your activities carefully so you make the most of the day. Take into consideration travel time between activities, breaks and meals – don’t forget its hot!!!
Tip – Don’t try to overdo it, just pick a few of your favourite activities and you can always return a 2nd day!
Tip – Avoid weekends and holidays if you can as the place goes nuts!
Tip – Universal Studios obviously can take a day on its own.
Tip – The cable car at sunset is a romantic option!




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