Stunning views from a day trip to Mount Lovcen, Montenegro

For such a small country, Montenegro is spoiled for amazing scenery and places to visit.

One such trip you should take is the trip to Mount Lovcen where the air is crisp and the views are heavenly.

Triprovider have great partners in Montenegro and today we ventured from Kotor to Lovcen but there are other pickup points as well on this tour.

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Kotor to Njeguši

Leaving Kotor we head south then head inland on the infamous Kotor Serpentine where the tight winding road narrows and rises steadily as we head into the mountains above Kotor. We warn that driving on these secondary country roads is not for the faint hearted so we are comforted that our tour partner is an expert driver and knows the area well.

An impatient male in a van is going berserk as tourists in front of him make the crawl upwards. He honks relentlessly and then in an unbelievable manoeuvre passes them where there seems to be no room to pass! But wait, there’s more. Local buses also use this road and how they go around these corners is beyond us but they do!

Looking behind us, the views of the Bay of Kotor are something to behold. Really breathtaking.

Reaching the top the terrain levels off and we are surprisingly in a wide open plain and almost at our first stop at Njeguši.

Njeguši – A traditional foodies paradise!

Njeguši is famous for its air-dried meats, goats cheese and honey. It’s location is savoured for sea air and access to the northerly winds.

We stop at the oldest restaurant in Montenegro (Kod Pera na Bukovicu) where they have been producing delightful local prosciutto and cheese since 1881. It’s excellence gained a quick reputation and it was exported all over Europe.

The owners are happy to chat and show us their produce hanging in the drying room. The shop has a full wall of local spirits like domestic brandies and the local specialty “Medovina” or honey wine.

We take our place on the shady benches out front and sample their wares. Really good. The prosciutto has a nice balance and is not as dark, salty or strong as in Slovenia but retains a full mild flavour. The smokiness gives it an extra edge as well.

Beechwood on a low burning fire gives it that special smokiness before it is dried for 4-6 months.

We could have stayed here all day eating and drinking but it was time to move on.

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Further inland the landscape is a mixture of forest and rocky plateaus rising and dipping all around us.

We reach Cetinje which is a very sleepy town of 20,000 which used to be the capital city and was chosen as such because of its central location. But it was deemed too remote and inaccessible to hold such importance so it drifted back into hibernation and has remained that way.

It’s location isolated high on the plateau gives it a strange eerie feeling of a city lost or stuck in a time warp disconnected from the rest of the country.

It’s a nice clean town with wide leafy boulevards, perfect for a leisurely stroll. The monastery and government buildings are the main highlights.

Onwards to Lovcen!

But we are here for the main event and that is the jawdropping views and mausoleum of Peter II from atop Mount Lovcen.

The winding road again takes us slowly upwards as we enter the Lovcen National Park. Huge slabs of limestone rock surround us, broken up with neat little fields of green where livestock graze peacefully.

Mount Lovcen

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Nearing the top we are forced to park further down the road as the summit is full. At the peak we find a flurry of cars and tourists milling around the tourist centre, souvenir shop and restaurant.

There is a fee for entering the national park and also for visiting the Mausoleum at the summit of Mount Lovcen.

With fee paid, we start the trek of 461 steps to the top and it is well worth the effort. We picked a gorgeous clear day and could see for miles in all directions.

At the Summit!

The marble mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic-Njegos is impressive and the workmanship is outstanding. A tribute to the man who is said to have founded modern Montenegro with black marble adorning the crypt itself and a ceiling of pure gold tiles. Amazing.

We take in the fresh mountain air at 1749m and admire the stunning landscape before heading down. This is a great day trip that won’t disappoint, but definitely choose a clear day to enjoy the views!

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What is it? – A totally enjoyable Day Trip that includes local cuisine, history and stunning views!

Where is it? – In the mountains above Kotor you will find Lovcen National Park with Cetinje and Njeguši on the edges of the park.

When is it? – Anytime during the year although in winter the roads may be heavy with snow but are generally still open. Check before leaving.

Why do it? – The views alone are worth it, but getting away from the hustle and bustle of the coastal tourist centres to breath in some mountain fresh air is invigorating!

How long do I need? – If you include Njeguši and Cetinje, It’s pretty much a full day whether you take a tour or drive yourself. It may take 1-2 hours from Kotor (or even longer depending on backlog of traffic in Summer) and queues getting into the park. In off-peak times, it will be a much smoother experience.

How much is it? – A few euros for the park entry fee and another fee at the top for the walk/entry to the mausoleum on the summit.

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